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Devil Tattoos

It may seem bad enough, to some people, that anyone gets tattooed. And there is that question of why someone would want to use their body as a canvas for art that they mostly hide.

But what does it say about someone who turns to a subject of the dark with something like devil tattoos? Are they evil or just trying to to express the complexity of their personalities? And remember that devil tattoos don't always have a sinister connotation.

The Devil is commonly a supernatural entity which embodies evil. It's a concept of many Western religions. Many people don't know that even the Muslim faith has its own version of the Devil. The devil has other names such as Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, and Mephistopheles. But in demon mythology each of these is a separate being. And they're not necessarily evil.

When a man or woman is tempted by a demon and refuses the temptation, for example, some religious scholars believe that the demon is only carrying out God's work by testing the faithful!

All these different incarnations of the devil mentioned above are featured in various devil tattoos. Some of these devil or demon tattoos are serious, but many are humorous, and some can even be considered cute...

Here is the story of the devil in the Christian tradition. The Archangel Lucifer was second only to God in heaven. All angels were considered equal, but Lucifer was considered the best among equals. Unfortunatly, Lucifer became jealous of God himself. Lucifer thought he should rule in Heaven. Lucifer recruited other angels in a revolt against God.

God, Michael, and the other Archangels and Angels still loyal to God defeated Lucifer and his forces. The fallen archangel and his minions were cast out of Heaven. Many of the elements of this ancient tale are depicted in Devil tattoos.

Getting a Devil Tattoo, for some, is a sign of personal rebellion. For others it is a symbol of actually overcoming a personal evil. But, as with any tattoo, there are many individual reasons and stories for getting one. And since the devil calls up so many stories, such a tattoo can reflect many things.

The word "Devil" is derived from the old English word "deofol," which itself came from the Latin word the diabolus. Further, that word was derived from the Greek word diabolos.

Diabolos, in ancient Greek, means to slander across or to hurl slander. The term now, in general, refers to a greater meaning of hell. In non-English languages, devil generally derives from words meaning Angel. But strictly speaking in the culture from which these languages come, a devil is not the same thing as an angel... This gives a lot more fodder for what is the meaning behind getting Devil tattoos.

Devil tattoos can have specific meanings. Someone who wears them may actually be proclaiming they are a little evil, or maybe even a lot evil. It could also mean mischief, or lewd behavior. It doesn't necessarily mean the person who wears them is a criminal! Many tattoos including those featuring the devil and demons, come from a sense of adventure or "devil may care" attitude. But it does tells you something about their own self image and about what to expect from them.

Devil tattoos sometimes carry a great stigma with them. Some people believe they are the symbol of the beast. That is, that they denote someone who actually worships or works for the Devil! While likely untrue, that could be a serious statement, indeed!

Take some good advice. When thinking about getting a tattoo, consider all the meanings that any tattoo may infer. While very popular and often gotten innocently, a devil tattoo may to you be only a symbol of mischievious fun, but to others to could be, a very evil, mark of the beast...

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